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My journey so far on Opera news hub.

I invested my time in doing research on various online investment platforms and packages. the first investment plan I did was with an app called team earners FX which I paid the sum of ten thousand naira,it usually took two weeks to get paid that is if you invest ten thousand naira you will receive the sum of twenty thousand naira plus other bonuses.

From then till now I have not received a dime out of the money I invested with them. I was told by the vendor that the company is under going some problems that sooner I will receive my money back.but to my greatest surprise I was logged out of the account by the company.due to unknown reasons

Since then I never even tried to try or make an attempt to do any online business again. It was not quite long a friend of mine introduced me to Opera news hub.he showed me the in and out of the platform. I was amazed when I saw the payments on his having vowed not to partake in anything online again was convinced that the platform is meant for writer's.

Not long I decided to give it a try ,I downloaded the app,apply for the post of a content creator,and within few hours I was approved as a verified content creator .I posted my first article it was regected ,I never lost hope, I relaxed for couple of days before posting another article, which was accepted .but with low reach, like, share, and comments. I never stopped. But I can tell you since then I have improved .

This are the pictures of my article.

Although I joined the hub few months ago,but I am happy about achievement.

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