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Possible solutions to "Federal Road Safety" registration errors

The “Federal Road Safety" online recruitment started on the 13th of July. It will end on August 24th of this year.

The recruitment started well, but most applicants have experienced a lot of troubles in the process.

The commission is old in the game of working hard to ensure that our roads are safe for both drivers and pedestrians. Almost everyone in Nigeria knows about this great body.

There are serious issues of fresh application and completion of application. Some of the applicants who have forgotten their passwords cannot even reset it because the feature is null on the portal.

I am a computer operator, so I understand the points I am raising here. I have seen some applicants go through the account creation process, but they couldn’t go through the registration process completely. An error message kept prompting them to login again in order to complete the application.

I think there are possible solutions to the problem. If your application isn’t working for a reason that has to do with email and identity rejection, you can clip the error. You can use another email and add a full stop to your names and other text as shown in the pictures below:

I hope everyone gets what they want.

Thank you.

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