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Divorce Affair

Things To Consider Before You Call Out Someone On Social Media

One of the common things going on among people on social media, especially among Nigerian celebrities, is they call out someone and accuse the person of doing something offensive to them.

They may call the person out for defamation of character or cheating on them. However, before you call out someone on social media, there are things you need to consider first.

You need to first consider these things so that your claims will not eventually become falsified, and it won't put you in any further danger that you might not foresee.

These are some of the crucial things you need to consider before you call out someone on social media.

Do You Have All The Evidence?

You need to be sure you have all the evidence to back up your claims before you call the person out.

Evidence such as pictures, screenshots of messages, voice records, or videos. You will need all these to support your claims.

You must have enough evidence to show that the person you want to call out has actually done what you claim he or she has done.

Never Mention Anyone Who Is Not Directly Involved

You need to avoid mentioning the names of anyone who is not directly involved in the issue between you and the person.

Some people may be a witness to your claims, but never mention their names unless you seek their permission first.

Because some people may not want their names mentioned in sensitive situations, your primary focus should be on the person you are accusing.

Do You Have Legal Backing?

Have you sought the advice of a lawyer on the issue because of taking it up against the person?

You will need legal backing from a lawyer or security operatives before you begin calling out the person.

Legal backing is very important, especially in cases of infidelity and divorce or if you want to sue someone for defamation of character.

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