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Tips And Tricks To Make Your Smartphone Run Faster

1. {Make Sure You're Up To Date}

This logic is simple because the latest software contains bug fixes plus general improvements and helps your device run better. And on this matter you need to automatically install them, You can even go to Settings>About device>Software update and check for updates not only that you can even go to Play Store open the menu at the top left, tap My apps and check if all are updated.

2. {Clean Up Your Home Screen}

If you're using live wallpaper replace it with a static image and you should also delete away anused icons plus limiting your widgets to the essentials, Lastly always consider this phrase the less cluttered your home screen the better in terms of performance.

3. {Uninstall And Disable Unused Apps}

This helps to save space on your device by potentially eat system resources, They some apps which you don't even use or need if you doubt how they work and you don't know their purpose ask Google after Go to Settings>Apps swipe over to the All tab. Check on the list and see what you want and you don't like then tap on any app you don't want to choose Uninstall or tap Disable if the uninstall option is not available. But the Disable option works like this it doesn't delete the app forever, it remains in but switched Off you can again switch it On.

4. {Clear Cached App Data}

Clearing your cached data helps your device load more quickly and also clears up flaky behaviour, If you want to clear up you can Go to Settings>Appsand slide the overall tab then tap on the relevant app then choose Clear cache, Also if you want to clear the whole cached data on your Go to Settings>Storage and tap on cached data then tap Ok, But you can also download CCleaner it also cleans up your cache data plus performing this kind of maintenance.

5. {Turn Off Or Reduce Auto-sync}

If you have a list of different accounts on your Android device and allowed to automatically sync in the background to let in new data and updates, This has a huge impact on performance even battery life. This is simple just Go to Settings>Auto-sync under Accounts and turn it off, but maybe if this is drastic for some people just remove some accounts that you don't really need.

6. {Perform a Factory Reset}

If you really need your device to act smartly or running in tip-top condition your recommended doing a factory reset. Because this is a shortcut to cleaning up your device and getting rid of any junk you have accumulated. But this also means erasing all of the data and settings if you decide to do it make sure you backup everything that's important on your drive first and you can find this option, Go to Settings>Backup and reset>Factory data reset.

7. {Free Your Internal Memory And Keep Your Stuff In The Cloud}

This type of storage emerged in 2017 whereby you upload files to the cloud, This helps to access your data across all devices and it again frees up some space on internal storage on your phone which can be used by other apps.

8. {Use Lighter Version Apps}

Many apps like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and others have their Lite versions. These apps are designed for those who need to keep things simple and for entry-level smartphones plus using lite apps improves the performance of your phone plus decreasing your data consumption, And I think it may be the other reason why such apps were made.

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