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Frequently Asked Questions About LED Lights Radio Interference

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According to Electronicshub, LED lights are an amazing modern-day lighting solution. They consume up to 90% lesser energy as compared to other options and offer better brightness with long working life. However, some users have recently reported problems caused due to LEDs.

And one such problem is radio or TV interference. Some users claimed that after upgrading the car LEDs, they faced disturbance in their AM / FM radio signal. And this somewhat ruined the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can LEDs affect your Wi-Fi signal?

Ans: Unfortunately, yes. Even though LED lights operate at a higher frequency than the Wi-Fi signals (which operates at a frequency between 2.4GHz – 5GHz), the Wi-Fi Router / equipment can intercept some noise from LEDs.

2. Which one is more susceptible to interference AM or FM?

Ans: Radio interference from LEDs affects both these signals. However, AM radio is more susceptible as compared to FM. It’s because AM uses shorter signal transmission while FM uses a stronger signal.

3. Can LEDs affect your TV?

Ans: Yes, they can. And the solution is fairly simple. Once you find the culprit, in this case the cables which carry signals, you can install ferrite core filters to them. These filters will shield your TV cables that’ll significantly reduce the disturbance.

4. Can poor/cheap LEDs cause interface?

Ans: Yes. And it’s the most common reason behind the problem of interference. In such cases, you’ll have to purchase a good-quality LED bulb.

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