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If An Unknown Caller Calls You, This Is How To Find Out The Number

There is no one who does not receive or make calls regularly, for business transactions, for family issues, or to receive information from somebody. 

But you already know how annoying it is, when someone calls you with an unknown number. It gives you reasons to begin suspecting maybe something is fishing.

We all want to identify who the caller is, before we press the accept button on our phone screen.

Someone who calls with an unknown number is also trying to hide his, or her identity from you. Perhaps the caller might have thought you won't pick the call, if you know who it is.

As a matter of fact, we usually regret picking up calls from unidentified sources, because they end up to be calls we don't want to attend to. 

However, there is a code you can dial on your phone to reveal the private number, immediately after the call.

If an unknown caller calls your line, don't pick the call, allow the call to drop by itself after ringing, quickly press *#30#, and dial it.

You will see a notification on your screen showing the incoming caller identity. The phone number that was hidden will pop up on your screen like magic.

If you saved the number with a name, it will show you the name of the person. But you haven't saved the number on your device, it will only show you the phone number that the person thinks he, or she is hiding.

Technology has improved in this era, so we must make good use of it, and also avoid being implicated with any criminal offense.

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