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5 Reasons Why Your Laptop Is Slow

1. Too Many Programs Running In The Background

Although you could just close most of the program that you have running, some programs will continue to run in the background, even after you close them. This can take up your processing power, slowing down your system.

2. Too Many Startup Programs

Startup programs are programs that automatically open when you start your computer. Some of them may request your permission while most will not.

3. Your Operating System Needs An Update

If your OS has not been updated for a long time, your laptop may get vulnerable to latest malware and generally become slow.

4. Malware And Viruses

If your programs are randomly crashing or you see pop up ads on your laptop, it is most likely infected with malware of some kind. Malware can make your computer slow for a variety of reasons.

5. Insufficient RAM

Your Random Access Memory is temporary storage for current activities on your laptop. If you're using graphics intensive programs or generally multitasking, you need to upgrade your RAM or else, your computer will be slow.

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