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ALERT:3 types of Apps You Should Never Download Or Install Just Like That.

Well we all know that apps are an essential part of smartphones, they make usage of smartphones fun, in short , they are indespensible. But since these mobile applications became so popular and in huge demand, some wicked developers and amateur ones started Developing some really bad apps that can destroy your phone or gather data about you. To make matters worse, they even disguised these horrible apps as important and useful Utility applications e.g RAM booster, Optimizer e.t.c.

Here is a list of some types of those Apps You shouldn't Download Or Install Just Like That:


Though there are official and useful types of RAM boosters, there are also those that are not only useless but also harmful, they mostly claim to clean up your RAM and make your phone faster, but in essence, they're only making it slow and also damaging your battery, So try as much to avoid downloading this type of app as much as possible.


These type of apps claim to clean your RAM and also clean trash in your phone. But, most are also damaging your phone, some delete important information from your device or share your data with third parties. Avoid using or downloading any type of this app especially those that just pop up on your screen when you visit a website. There are official t cleaners that mostly come in-built in your phone nowadays, so you don't need to go downloading anything outside.


Well, ANTIVIRUSES are very useful if not even essential, but there are also some bad eggs that do the exact opposite of what an antivirus app does, some disturb you with stupid ads, share your data, delete important files e.t.c. So only download trusted antivirus like Avast and Kaspersky.

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