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Top 20 Coolest Jobs In The World You Never Know

Some people have really amazing jobs around the world. Whether it's a professional lawyer, farmer, teacher, etc, you can make a career out of anything. So here are some of the 20 coolest jobs you can dream of:

1. Voice Over Artist

 People behind the voices of animated characters are overpaid, with an average "$300 per word" during a film.

2. VIP Bodyguard

You see those giant bodyguards that Ariana Grande has, or those that Eminem has? Those guys are super rich and expensive. Each one gets paid a minimum of $100,000 an hour(depending on the deal with the VIP).

3. M&M Confectioners

A person who works at M&M(Candy shop) gets about 20 bags of candy every week, with an average salary of $15000 a month.

4. Astronaut

Being an Astronaut is totally cool. Not just because you get to go to space and research, but because Astronauts are considered as "country treasures and legends".

5. McDonald's Quality Tester

A person who does this job gets paid hundreds of thousands just for eating and checking the quality of McDonald meals.

6. Jet Pilot

Jet Pilots are one of the most paid employees in the world, earning up to $7 million a month.

7. Space Robotics

Vandana Verma, an Indian woman who is a space roboticist at NASA holds the record for having "The coolest job in the world". She's known for being the one who controlled NASA's rover "Curiosity" at Mars. She currently controls the latest Rover in Mars, which is known as "Perseverance".

8. Being Queen Elizabeth's Servant

Each servant of the English Royal house gets paid £25 million a year. 

9. NASA's Research Team

Anyone can be a NASA introspector member, I mean ANYONE. All you just have to do is to participate in researches such as "Zero gravity room" and more.

10. US Military Sniper Assassins

The US military hires Sniper men from around the world. Their Snipermen have a target success rate of 93℅ making them the best in the world. US snipers are the second most paid group in the military, behind the special forces.

11.Movie Criticer

Major film companies have movie criticers- people who get paid for watching an unreleased movie and give their opinion on how good is it.

12. Worldsites Observer

A person who gets paid a huge amount of money per trip. He/she gets paid for travelling around the world checking if the World Heritage Sites are still in good conditions. A single trip can last up to 3months, with every thing been paid: travelling cost, accommodation and unlimited supply of food.

13. Tesla Employees

Tesla's employee gets a triple salary plus a brand new Tesla car every year on their birthday.

14. Animator/Animation Artist

Warner Bros pays their animators a minimum of $75 million per film.

15. Mercedes Exceptionist 

You get paid for test driving Mercedes vehicles, with a minimum of $80,000 per week.

16. Intel Co. Scientists

These Scientists create the most advanced and most intelligent robot known as AI Robots(Artificial Intelligence Robots).

17. President

Ever wondered how presidents get paid or pay themselves? Actually, they don't. Every president of any state or country is paid by the United Nations. They are all equally paid $40 million a month.

18.Hennessey Exceptionist

This exceptionist gets paid for tasting Hennessey whiskeys. Cool huh?

19. Samsung's Brand Ambassador

While many may dispute if it is a job or not. Being a Samsung brand ambassador is definitely one of the coolest thing like Ice cream! A Samsung brand ambassador gets every Samsung latest phone, including extra gadgets. Imagine being paid for having the latest Samsung!

20. Nike's employee

All Nike's employees are overpaid, on top of that they get 85% off when they buy any Nike goods.

Note: There is a dignity of labour in all jobs. There is no single job that won't make you a tons of million but some jobs are just too awesome not to mention.

Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: HarkynbynuHolarjydeSamuel (via Opera News )

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