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Forget About Online Dating, See New 3 Ways Yahoo Boys Use To Scam People

Yahoo has become wild in all countries in the world, they are said to be very smart and professionals when it comes to internet and apps.

When we hear about Yahoo boys, many people's thought start revolving on internet dating. Some people even swallow the thought that they can never be scammed by Yahoo boys, my brothers and sisters everybody can be scammed.

Like I said earlier, Yahoo boys are very intelligent and professionals when it comes to things about internet, they have noticed that many people now go into Internet dating and that made people to be alerted and stop sending money to so claimed internet lovers anyhow.

They have now opened a new way to scam people with out you knowing what's happening.

Forget About Online Dating, See New 3 Ways Yahoo Boys Use To Scam People

1. ATM: many people especially our parents don't know the benefits of the atm card not to talk about the dangers when they loose it. There is a new shopping app that doesn't request for OTP when you shop online, when a Yahoo boy steals your card or knows the digits of your card, he can easily shop anything he wants with no trace.

2. Website Ads: sometimes when you open a website you may be redirected to another site where they will claim to be doing giveaway, my brothers and sisters kindly note that it's a scam site, after you won the giveaway they will request for money to deliver it and you will get nothing in return.

3. Ritual Doctors: this is the most common one among them, you may find a page on social media claiming they make people rich and powerful, it's a very big lie. They are just after the little money you have.

Please stay away from these 3 ways and be safe from Yahoo boys.

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