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Checkout Emotional Photos of NYSC Lady Trending on Social Media

Life is filled with challenges that if we focus on challenges we wouldn't pursue our desire goals. In this article, I will show you emotional photos of 2021 Batch A NYSC Lady, which is trending on social media.

Determination, hardworking and persistence are the keys to success. In the picture, you can see the condition of this beautiful lady. Despite she is physically challenged, it didn't stop her from pursuing her goal. Now she is a graduate undergoing her service, that is what determination can do. 

To you reading this, this damsel should be a source of encouragement to you regardless of your challenges.

See what a Facebook user wrote about her:

"PERSISTENCY. Life is tough. Life is slippy. Life is spontaneous. Life is not fair. Life is not a patriot. Life is not Automatic. 

"In all these, persistence is the only weapon that will guarantee our navigation from "what it shouldn't be, to what it should be". And it is absolutely our call to ensure our dreams doesn't die with us.

"Against all odds, this damsel made it to the end. " With Persistence, even the snail made it to the ARK" - JOHN MASON. Congratulations to this DAMSEL! SHINE ON."

Congratulations to her for making it to this level!

Lesson: Never allow your dream to die off because of life challenges.

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