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Did You Play the Video Game GTA San Andreas? Check out Interesting Facts You May Not Know

To all lovers of game, i come today with a perfect series of fact about the most enjoyed and still trending game, GTA San Andreas. If you call yourself a game lord, and you have not played any of the GTA series, then you are not fit to call yourself such name.

GTA is one of the best in the game world, with some real and killer graphics. To me it's one of the best, as it contains best game scene and characters, also mind-blowing and enjoyable missions.

GTA series are the best, but the San Andreas version tops them all. In this San Andreas, it has many interesting and enjoyable missions and, playing it you feel in charge, and fully in control of everything that happens in the game.

GTA San Andreas, has one of the most captivating and interesting story, with no doubt, the game is like a movie, there are arcade style' actions, numerous puzzles to solve and interesting facts that happen in real life.  

So without much wastage of time, below are some interesting facts you may not have known about the video game, GTA San Andreas. If you really enjoyed the game, then take your time to read through the lovely facts and drop your opinion below.


The voice behind the main Character in the game known as Frank Tenpenny, was actually the voice of popular known American Actor, Samuel L Jackson.

2. The game engine which was attached or used for the development of the mind captivating San Andreas game, is RenderWare


If you played the game very well, you will notice When playing the game, in the city of San Fierro, it clearly shows various signs of a recent earthquake that happened, which You will see the road crack and various divisions on it as well.


Every city shown in the game was totally made and it based on real life locations. Las Venturas is based on Las Vegas, also the San Fierro is as well based on San Francisco and lastly, the Los Santos is also based on Los Angeles, everything seen in the map were all real.

5. In the game GTA San Andreas, the highest mountain seen where playing the game is Mount Chilliad, and it is 800 m of high.


After the game was designed, more than 27.5 million copies of the GTA San Andreas game have been sold till date, with good compliments, this good record also made the game, one of the highest sold game in the PS2 era, is it not interesting?

7. If you played up to this level, and noticed this Area, it is called Area 69, and it is based on the real life controversial place called Area-51, so it is real.

8. In the GTA San Andreas Game, over 200 different types of vehicles were displayed. It had excess vehicle, which you can make choice from.

9. The hug matured voice actor which was heard by the main character in GTA San Andreas game, was found by a man called pure luck.

It was said that the producers of the GTA San Andreas game overheard the popular Rapper, identified as Young Maylay when they were speaking with a musician about the game’s score, then he immediately knew that Maylay had the right voice for the character and CJ was born, so he made use of the voice.

10. GTA San Andreas, known in full as "Grand Thief Auto San Andreas, was surely one of the first and also no doubt, the only game in the series to include role-playing elements, which meant the main character’s used for the missions need to eat, real eating, by purchasing the food with money, in order to survive. Also in other to gain strength and muscles, he has to gym.

11. Playing the game, could take up to 50-70 hours, before finishing all mission.

12. Almost all the plot in the GTA Video game, were based on real life events, which happned in Los Angeles.

13. Basically in the initial programing of the game, it should feature multiple protagonists, just like the GTA Vice City, but due to technical limitations, it was not done again.

14. The Voice Madd Dogg was made by Ice T

15. Remember the Character Wu Zi Mu, he resembles Neo From the movie Matrix

20. Because of the nice and good quality features, the game made it's way to many gaming systems.

21. It contained many characters from the movie Boyz n the Hood.

22. The map was so big, that it may take the character a total of 2hours to walk round the map.

See photos of scenes from the Game, drop your comment on the most enjoyed mission, and the toughest mission.

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