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10 charging tricks to make your phone work without flaws

You'd never know it, but the way you charge your phone can be crucial for not only your electricity bills and safety, but also the lifespan of its battery. The phone batteries used today are based on a precise number of charge cycles and to make them last longer, it is advised to never charge them to 100% or drain them to 0%.

If, for some reason, you wanna discontinue your phone use for some time, charge it to 50% and turn it off. This percentage is said to be the healthiest for a lithium-ion battery. With this level of charge, you can store it for months with the least possible damage to your gadget. And don't forget to turn it on every once in a while and top off the battery. But there are also other tips about the right way to charge your phone, so you can use it in the best way possible and avoid any dangers.

*Ignoring fast charge

Don't buy a charger because it's fast!!!

*Letting your phone go to 0% charge

Let your phone reach 0% before re charging it.

*Using random chargers

Stop using random charger to charge your phone, have a permanent charger for your phone.

*Charging your phone in public places

Stop charging your phone in a public place, if the place is not safe!.

*Goingout without a power bank

Using charge-saving apps

Start using charge saving app on your phone it helps to increase your phone battery life.

*Charging the phone in the car

Stop charging your phone inside your car or with your laptop, it's totally bad!!!.

*Charging the phone overnight

Stop charging your phone overnight because it's going to over charge and that can spoil the battery life.

*Using your phone while it's charging

Stop charging your phone while using it!!!.

*Leaving the phone cover on while charging

*Stopping using your gadget with too little or too much juice

*Not saving the charge correctly

Keep your charger in a cool and try place.

*Using the charger during a thunderstorm.

Stop using your charger during thunderstorm

*Charging your phone with a laptop.


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