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Video: See what was found in a lost wallet

See what was found in a wallet found along the road by some group of boys. From the video, the owner of the wallet had 12 sachets of of condoms, five naira notes and an mtn pack in the wallet. The question is this, " is the owner a prostitute?" A nigerian youth with different types of condoms and no money in his wallet means something else. Some even said he is a ritualist and uses that to collect things from the body of any woman he uses while some said he is a chemist that sells condoms. Nigerian youths are turning into another thing because many youths are now looking for a y possible way to make money and therefore engaging themselves with some evil acts and this might be one as said by sources.

"The Nigerian youths should try and stay away from premarital sex because it really destroys one's future and also try and make their future bright" said one of the sources.

See video through this link on youtube:

The wallet and those condoms were burnt as said by a source.

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