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5 Reasons Why Laptops Overheat

1. Lack Of Ventilation

The heat generated by a laptop is usually released through vents to prevent an accumulation. Your laptop may build up amount of dust that ends up blocking the air vents, causing it to heat up more often.

2. Room Temperature

The temperature of the surroundings may also affect the temperature of a laptop. If the weather is hot, it will likely heat up your laptop.

3. Incorrect Placement

This is when you place your laptop in a position whereby the air vents are blocked and your laptop is unable to dissipate heat. Always put your laptop of a hard, clean and undulating surface with proper ventilation.

4. Malfunctioning Laptop Fan

If your laptop's cooling fan is faulty, your laptop is likely to overheat even at modest usage because there is no other means for it to cool down.

5. Overcharging The Laptop

If you leave your laptop plugged in to the mains even after it is full, it may contribute to the overheating of the laptop.

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