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Stop Asking People "Are You Hearing Me?" It's Wrong, Say This Instead And Other Incorrect English

Learning is what we do every day, from the new things we see to what we listen to and our interactions with people. Improving our speech in the English language is not exempted either.

Some phone languages we speak that seem correct but are incorrect will be corrected in this article


1. Don't say "Flash me when you get home," say "Give me a beep call or drop call when you arrive home" instead.

2. Don't say "Your voice is cracking" say this instead, " The line is breaking"

3. Stop Asking People, "Are you hearing me?" It is wrong. Ask them " Can you hear me?" instead.

4. Don't tell someone "I am not hearing you" It is incorrect, tell the person "I can't hear you or I can't hear your voice"

5. Don't say "I saw your missed call" most people are very familiar with saying this one, but it Is not accurate. The correct thing to say is "I missed your call."

I hope you learned something new from this article. The largest room in the world is the room for improvement. Always learn and improve on a daily basis.

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