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How to detect a fake website

The internet is flooded with many sites offering you a means of earning money, but it is sad to say that not all of these sites are real. Some sites waste your time without giving you any results. Today I will show how to know if a website or online business is legit.

1. Check the site's reviews on Trustpilot.

The best way to know if a site is legit is to know what others think about the site. From "trustpilot", you can find reviews of any site. Another site like trustpilot is

2. How does that site earn?

For example, you come across a site offering to double your money in a day. You should consider "how does this site make money?"If this site is claiming to double your money without any way to make a profit, then you know it is surely a scam website.

3. How much is the payout?

Some sites try to deceive you into completing some tasks for them so they can earn money. If this site has a high payout rate, then you know it might be a scam. Do not waste your time on sites that don't pay.

4. Does this platform have an official website?

Some individuals plan a scheme to scam people all by themselves. These individuals may not have any official sites. So they use Hangouts, Whatsapp, or Telegram. Some use telegram or whatsapp chat bots. This type of platform is fake.

5. A chatbot for Telegram.

Research has it that cyber criminals are now moving from the so-called "dark web" to telegram. These cyber criminals use a dark web for encrypted internet access.It is like another part of the internet. Telegram also offers an encrypted chat service. Today, a telegram group can have thousands of members. Many cyber criminals take advantage of this. Be careful of Telegram chatbots. Some might be legitimate, but more of them are fake.

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