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FluBot: How to prevent malware from hacking phones, draining your bank account- NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) says there is a new malware designed to target and steal personal information from android phone users.

It said information such as online banking login details, credit card data, and important passwords are at risk of being stolen when FluBot has access to one’s phone.

According to experts, Flubot “impersonates Android mobile banking applications to draw fake web views on targeted applications.”

NCC said that FluBot is circulated through SMS, and when a user mistakenly installed it in his or her phone, it can initiate calls, write SMS, read SMS and can even copy and transmit victims’ contact list to the control center.

In addition, the malware can also attack the victim’s Android phone by pretending to be “FedEx, DHL, Correos, and Chrome applications.”

It can also compel unsuspecting users to alter the accessibility configurations on their devices in order to maintain a continuous presence on devices.

Furthermore, NCC disclosed that FluBot undermines the security of devices by copying fake login screens of prominent banks, and the moment the users enter their login details on the fake pages.

Consequently, their data is harvested and transmitted to the malware operators’ control point from where the data is exploited by intercepting banking-related One Time Passwords (OTPs) and replacing the default SMS app on the targeted Android device.

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How to Prevent FluBot from hacking your phone

The NCC has listed 9 steps everyone should take in order to secure their Android phones and also prevent the incalculable financial losses FluBot can cause. The steps are:

  1. Do not click on the link if you receive a suspicious text message, and do not install any app or security update the page asks you to install.
  2. Use updated antivirus software that detects and prevents malware infections.
  3. Apply critical patches to the system and application.
  4. Use strong passwords and enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) over logins.
  5. Back-up your data regularly.
  6. If you have been affected by this campaign, you should reset your device to factory mode as soon as possible. This will delete any data on your phone, including personal data.
  7. Do not restore from backups created after installing the app. You may contact ngCERT on [email protected] for technical assistance.
  8. You will also need to change the passwords to all of your online accounts, with urgency, around your online bank accounts.
  9. If you have concerns that your accounts may have been accessed by unauthorised people, contact your bank immediately.

Content created and supplied by: Olatunde2 (via Opera News )

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