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How I started getting paid as a content writer on Opera News Hub (Personal achievements)

When I heard about Opera News Hub on Facebook, I had just begun my career as a content writer. I was writing content as a ghostwriter for multiple websites. After reading different testimonies about the hub from many individuals on Facebook, I decided to research the platform.

After multiple research, I got to know more about Opera News Hub. I knew about their structure, guidelines, and their monthly payment schemes. I decided to sign up so that I could develop more content writing skills and also as a side hustle.

Signing up on Opera News Hub

I signed up on the hub and created my first article via my first account. The article was rejected due to the fact that I did not follow certain guidelines. I was very disappointed because I did not know where I went wrong. Then, I read more about their regulations and applied them while editing my first content. It was accepted and my joy knew no bounds. I felt good and great that what I had written will be read by people.

My First Payment as an Opera News Hub Writer

When I got my first payment, it was not up to #2000, I was very disappointed. I had no idea what I did wrong. I knew there has to be a reason why it was so low. After this experience, I began to follow up more and read other writers' experiences. This was when I realized that the quality of content, clicks, and engagement matters a lot on the Hub.

I began to target my audience. I started sourcing and crafting better articles just so it will engage more audiences. My first account on Opera began to grow massively. The payment improved since then and it has been super impressive. I opened this very account towards the ending of last year because of the end of the year challenge. It has been a great success because the payment from Opera has kept me going even after I lost my 8 to 5 Job.

I have a wonderful experience using this platform and I have achieved wonderful things with Opera News Hub.

My achievements as an Opera News Hub writer

1.      The first and most important one is that I have developed wonderful skills as a content writer on this platform. Opera News Hub has made me tap into the talent I have ignored over the years. I hope I will be able to make a career as a content writer.

2.      The income I have earned from this platform from my two accounts has been of great help to me and for that, I am super grateful. Opera News Hub has empowered many Nigerian youths and I am grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.

3.      Lastly, Opera has kept me updated about what is happening all over the world as a whole. I have expanded my learning horizon after following this platform diligently over the years.

Thank you OPERA for creating this platform. It has been a pleasure to write and earn through this wonderful means. Happy Anniversary Opera News Hub!

Content created and supplied by: FashionGuru. (via Opera News )

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