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Internet Fraud: Yahoo Boys Are Not As Smart As You Think, Don't Get Pressured

Do you think Yahoo boys are so smart to defraud a person countless times? Are these boys not people you've come in contact with before? Do they look or speak intelligent?

(Photo Credit: EFFC Official Facebook page)

Internet fraud has become rampant and every day, the EFCC are working earnestly to stop these fraudsters.

Now, most yahoo boys are not as smart as you think. The reason is that they follow what is called "Format." This format is a step-by-step process formulated by an intelligent person which these yahoo boys follow to defraud a person.

Most times, the format (document) gives them details on the location to use, the impersonating technique to defraud a person, the medium for payment etc. When all these are put together, the Yahoo boys successfully defrauds a person.

(Photo Credit: EFCC Official Facebook page)

Another reason why these fraudsters are not smart is because most of them can't hack.

Hacking into servers or people's personal information is mostly done by hired hackers.

In the case of Hushpuppi, he employed some foreign hackers to do the hacking for him, while they get paid for the job.

Also, some Yahoo boys make use of ”Juju," (a traditional means of seeking power) when carrying out their fraudulent activities.

In a viral video uploaded some days ago, some suspected internet fraudsters were showing off their work station and their leader was seen holding a red wrapped ” horn like” item in his hand, chanting "no be Grace na Juju." So don't get pressured how these boys make so much money without serious brainstorming.

(Photo Credit: EFCC Official Facebook page)

Lastly, I believe only greedy people get scammed by scammers.

In some cases, before a person gets scammed, the scammer promises the person a return on investment under hours if a certain amount is paid.

These days, a lot of people are not contented with what they have, and they don't bother throwing out money to get more. This is why people fall victims to scam. Everybody wants quick money with no work.

(Photo Credit: EFCC Official Facebook page)

Now that you have known these Yahoo boys are not as smart as you think, then I advise you not to get pressured by their ill-gotten wealth but rather work hard because you will eventually succeed.

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