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Type Of Words You Shouldn't Send To Someone While Chatting

We live in an era where it's now very easy to communicate with someone who is in another country, and you receive a reply immediately without depending on post offices.

You can be in Nigeria and send a message to someone in Spain, and your messages will be delivered immediately.

However, many of us have abused the social messaging platforms with the kinds of messages we send to people or how we reply.

These are the kinds of words you shouldn't use whenever you are chatting with people.

Annoying Shorthand

Most people use shorthand whenever they are replying to messages.

Some of these annoying shorthand is "K" instead of saying okay, or abbreviating words that make your reply look rude.

Some of these abbreviations are not good when having an official chat with someone. Even if the person is just a friend, it looks rude and unprofessional.

Insulting Words

Regardless of how angry or disappointed you are, never use insulting words to express how you feel.

Anything you will say now and regret later, you should avoid saying it through text.

Even if you have the option of deleting the message later so that the receiver won't see the message on your Whatsapp, remember that the receiver can also have the anti-delete option.

Avoid Using Words That Can Threaten Your Security

There are some words you send to someone which can threaten your own security because the receiver might use them against you in the future.

Such words should be avoided whenever you are chatting with someone.

Argumentative Words

The worse way to argue with someone is through messages because the receiver is not hearing your real voice and not seeing your facial expression.

Your words in messages may not have more impact or influence on the receiver like when you see them in person. So it's better to avoid arguing with someone through messages.

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