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Difference Between Nasims ID and Npower ID; and how they are incorporated.

You need to know the difference between Nasims ID and Npower ID. Some applicants keep mistaking Nasims ID to Npower ID.

It may interest you to know that even some exited beneficiaries don't know the difference between these two IDs till date.

In every field one finds himself or herself, it's very important to understand all or almost every terms and expression that are associated with such field.

Npower is one those fields and interestingly, it is a place for mainly graduates; meaning that the scheme does little in lecturing about things that are supposed to be known.

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So, am gonna be telling you the difference between Nasims ID and Npower ID card with a pictoral example.

*Nasims ID is a unique reference number identity you get from the Nasims portal after updating your records, before writing test.

See example below 👇

Npower ID:

Your Npower ID or rather Npower identity card is the regular ID card, usual been issued to Beneficiaries.

You will be issued with ID card after becoming beneficiaries. When you are already working, and earning your monthly stipends. On your Npower ID card, your Nasims ID will also be included.

Now to incorporate these two (Nasims ID and Npower ID card) the both are official documents of the Npower scheme. Your card is to make you able to identify yourself in the public as Npower beneficiary when the need arises.

On the other hand, your Nasims ID number is the symbol or evidence through which the Npower scheme itself identifies you, as a beneficiary of the scheme.

This is why the Nasims number or ID is usually required, whenever the need arises for the scheme to attend to you, on a personal ground.

Below is the example of ID card of one of the exited beneficiaries.👇

Hope the above pictures give a proper understanding to the points I made? The ID card was for one of the exited beneficiary in Sokoto State, North-West, Nigeria.

Thanks for reading.

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