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Npower Batch C: See Meaning of Nasim ID, the uses and other important information.

Hello Readers, today is Tuesday, 20th April, 202. I decided to bring you the answers to some of your questions in my previous artilcles.

This page is still committed to bringing you, applicants of Npower Batch C, every necessary information to smoothen your preparation as you await the final selection list.

I Will be sharing with you some of the important information you need to know about NASIM ID as listed below

(1) Meaning of NASIM ID?

(2) How to get Nasim ID?

(3) What Nasim ID is use for?

(1) Meaning of NASIM ID: 

This means National Social Investment Management Identity.

This is a unique identity number or reference number you get from the Nasim portal at the end of a successful records updates. Recall that you started your registration in June, 2020.

Then, the NPVN (NPower Volunteers Nigeria) portal was used for the initial registration before been migrated to NASIM portal which is the current records updates that is ongoing. At the time of your registration last year, the portal automatically generated what was called " Npower Unique Reference Number", which looks like this: e.g-NPWR/2020/000012345678.

Subsequently, the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, decided to abandon the use of NPVN portal for NASIM portal. Meaning that the new portal will now be used to store all records of batch c applicants and other subsequent process to continue with the portal.

Now, at the very end, before you take your test, after you must have updated your records successfully, the portal automatically generates a nasim ID just like in the previous NPVN portal, this time around, the ID it generates is referred to as NASIM ID.

See what it looks like below 👇

Note: In as much as you updated your records successfully, this unique nasim ID number must be generated for you by the portal. Please keep it safe. Screenshot it immediately. Don't ever misplace it.

(2) How to get Nasim ID: 

Like I said in the above, the portal automatically generates this unique nasim ID for you if you have successfully updated your records from NPVN portal to Nasim portal.

In order words, those who are still struggling to receive links into their emails in order to proceed for records updating or those having issues with BVN validation have no business with Nasim ID. They must scale through the process of updating their records, before the portal can generate their nasim ID.

(3) What is Nasim ID used for

Your nasim ID is a very important reference document. Nasim ID will attract you a serious consequences if you lost it.

*With out your nasim ID, you cannot write your Npower test. Those who have written the test can attest to this.

*Your nasim ID is what will be used to trace your name and other of your personal detail during verification at the verification center.

*You will be requested to provide your nasim ID at a time when Npower scheme will be set to producing ID cards for beneficiaries.

Thanks for reading through this article.

In case you are not following this page, please do so that you can be getting information and updates about Npower Batch C.

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