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How to get 100 likes on every post with 0 followers.

Instagram is a social media application owned by Facebook. It’s a social media that deals mostly with pictures and short videos and the more followers you have the more people get to see your content and like it.

We can sometimes want to brag to our friends that we have much followers and likes on our Instagram page but we don’t have them.

I was going through my Instagram and I was really wondering how one can effectively get likes on every post without having to pay for it. I did some digging and discovered the best way yet.

So today I am going to be showing you the method I discovered on how you can get up to 100 likes on every post you make on Instagram.

To start you’ll need to download two applications. Instagram (of course) and then Telegram. The telegram app is what we’ll use to generate the likes.

Once you download the telegram app you have to complete the sign up process then you’re good to go.

I’ll be using a new account I created to show you how to do it.

First of all you make the post you want likes on on Instagram.

After that you then open up the like bot on telegram. This is the link : I just found this Telegram bot which can give Instagram likes for free 😍. Wanna try? Click the highlighted text (This telegram bot) to start the bot.

Second, you copy the link of what you posted on Instagram and then send it as a message to the telegram bot.

Once you post the link on the telegram bot you’ll get a message like this : Trying to boost posts the 65 likes. The initial likes you get depends on how much you use the bot. After you get the message all you need to do is to wait for 10 minutes or so and the like would be delivered. The cool thing is that you can post the link of the post multiple times and get twice as much likes. It’s amazing isn’t it?It’s just like magic.This is in fifteen minutes so if you do it 5 times you can get 500 likes per post.

Did it work for you? Leave you answers in the comments and make sure to like and follow me for more updates.

Content created and supplied by: Sirwhizz (via Opera News )



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