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Three Laptop Challenges and Their Solutions (DIY)

It’s a known fact that a lot of people use laptops for their businesses in the contemporary times.

Laptops are tools that simplify our day to day tasks.

It is necessary that one knows about some challenges that may come up in the process of using his laptop and how to arrest them.

This article will list and address three of such challenges.


1. I hear a clanging sound whenever I switch on my laptop


Two possible things can cause the noise

I.                          The hard drive is getting bad so the fanlike revolver inside it touches the revving stick and produces the sound.


You should back up you files and consider replacing the hard drive.

II. One of the laptop’s fan fangs may have damaged and needs replacing.


2. I hear a piercing sound whenever I switch on my system


The laptop keyboard makes that sound when it is bad and needs replacing. Most times, dust gets lodged in the keyboard’s contact pad resulting in the noise.


A temporary fix will be to locate the particular key that causes the noise, pull it out and clean out the contact pad and refit the key.


3. My laptop switches itself off after a period of time.


There are three possible causes

I.   The fan and fan sink are clogged with dust which results to the processor over heating causing the laptop to shut down to avoid any damage to the motherboard.


You have to disassemble the laptop and clean out the fan and fan sink and apply thermal paste on the processor.

On rare occasions, if the problem persists after cleaning out the fan, fan sink and pasting the processor, change the ram of the laptop.



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