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2 Advanced Cities Of The World With The Fastest Internet Speed Of Over 200Mb Per second

The type of society we find ourselves in today now requires a very fast internet connection to perform our day to day tasks such as gaming, chatting, banking transactions and others.

However when it comes to having fast internet connections some European and Asian cities are so advanced that their broadband speed is beyond 200mbps, thus making online activities flawless, down below are two of those cities;

1. The city of Singapore.

The advanced city of Singapore is not only rich economically, but it also boasts of having the fastest broadband speed in the world which is about 250.4 Mbps. This means that if you want to download a 5GB file in this city, it will take you about 2 minutes 51 seconds.

It is no wonder why some high tech companies and entrepreneurs want to reside in this city, a city where every citizen enjoys what is called a free wireless internet connection.

2. The city of Hong Kong.

The second on the list is one of the Asian giants and home to many tech-savvy companies and individuals. No wonder this famous city is among the ones with an incredibly fast broadband speed, because it has an average speed of about 226.8 Mbps. Downloading a file of 5GB will take you about 3 minutes 9 seconds.

Not only are they ranked top when it comes to internet connectivity, but people living there also have a high-quality life index.

Photo credit: Google.

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