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Opera News Hub - How I Joined & One Of The Things I Acquired Since I Began Writing For The Platform

Writing for Opera has been quite an interesting journey which I also see as a very interesting story that keeps unfolding right before my very eyes.

I've been a news hub creator for nine (9) months now, since I joined the group of best brains who provide the hub and readers with entertaining content, in July, 2020. Of course, it has not been up to a year yet, but I must say, the achievements, which came with undying efforts on my side, is something to be proud of.

Funny enough, before I joined the hub, I knew nothing about it. And nobody introduced me to this platform till today. But eventually, I got to know about the platform, and decided to give it a trial.

Initially, I was only an opera news reader. I loved and still love reading news on the opera news hub platform, because it sure does have a way of giving me a positive feeling deep within. However, one thing led to another, and I found myself asking myself questions. As the curious personality that I tend to be every now and then, I started making research, and I figured out that the hub actually has a whole lot of content creators that provide the platform with interesting news, and eventually get paid based on their different performances every month. Before I knew it, I got a hold of the site and the official app. I was able to create my blogging account and that was how I became part of the millions of writers that share interesting contents to entertain readers every day.

I must say, it has been a journey worthwhile; very exciting, although sometimes, I was faced with mixed feelings, which is normal for everyone. However, I kept writing and writing and gaining traffic. From tens to hundreds to thousands of clicks (and even hundreds of thousand), I kept increasing and increasing and so did my monthly pay. So, I decided to save up and when I reached a certain amount, I decided to use part of my savings to get myself some important things I felt like I needed. But one of the things that I was very proud to have acquired out of the rest, was my Tecno spark 5 pro Android phone. It is definitely not going to end there though. More will keep coming.

Writing for Opera has been the first job I ventured into. It is definitely not going to be my last, but one thing is certain. I'm going to enjoy every bit of the exhilaration this platform will continue to provide for me as I keep writing and working tirelessly, to ensure that I serve the hub and it's readers diligently, as I do one of the things that make me happy, which is writing.

This is my Opera news hub story.

Content created and supplied by: __Adannaya_ (via Opera News )

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