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Do this to free up space in your Android phone

Managing your phone storage space is one problem associated with using a browsing phone especially an Android device. When using Android phones, we download and save big files, install apps, take pictures and videos and save them, all of which tantamounts to the device's storage space becoming full. Infact, when a phone's storage space is full, the Android phone begins to malfunction or becomes very slow in operation than usual.

Also, there are times we don't want to delete some stuffs like photos, videos, apps or documents from our phone even when we need space. This is quite worrisome and frustrating.

However, I will like to show you what you can do when next you are faced with this challenge

This is what you should do;

Long-press on frequently used apps, a few details will pop up. Click on ' App Info', then click on storage, you will see 'clear cache', click it. If this is done, you will have some storage space on your device depending on the app and how much cache it has.

You can also do this by going to settings on your phone, click on 'Apps and notifications', then click on the app, then storage and then click on 'clear cache'.

Though this may not give you the biggest space you may need but it will at least help the situation greatly.

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