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What are the advantages of a computer?

Computers help you to connect with your friend, family, or other relatives with long-distance through e-mail and social networking. Also, you can connect with more than thousands of people via online mediums VoIP and chat services, such as Line, Skype. The connectivity between you and people all around the world is also a better way to meet long-distance people over the network. Although you cannot meet physically with people over the internet you can still share your ideas, feelings, and make touch with them.

As compared to other forms of communication, to communicate on the Internet is fast. For instance, postal mail could take much time or days to arrive where on the Internet, you can send e-mail to anyone that will be reached in less than a few minutes.

Improve your employment option

If you have a computer and know how to use a computer, you can improve your employment options and can work from home. For example, sometimes it may be a condition for any organization to allow work from home to their employees. Like, many offices needed their employees to work from home in the outbreak. Even during the crisis, having a computer at home and knowing how to operate a computer, many offices allowed workers to continue their work from home.

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