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Fathers Can Finally Breastfeed With This New Device

A lot of women go through so much during pregnancy and after childbirth they experience another phase of challenges like sleepless nights and high weight gain. Well, technology has finally found a way to get dads involved in these process, especially breastfeeding.

A Japanese Company, Dentsu Debuted has designed a wearable nursing assistant device that resembles a woman's breast. The device was invented with the hope to alleviate the stress associated with sleeping and breastfeeding in women.

Father Nursing Assistant kits offers a hormone that stimulate the production of the milk-producing gland, making it possible for men to feed their babies with their own milk. The machine has a tank storage for milk and a breastfeeding system, nipples on the other end. It also tracks the baby's sleeping and feeding and allows the parent to the data on an application. Wearing the device also allows parent to hold the baby with both arms and allow skin-to-skin intimate with the baby due to the softness of the device.

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