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Protect Your Eyes: Here Are 3 Things You Should Do If You Always Look At Phone Screens

One thing that can cause eye problems for any individual is constantly staring at phone screens. It is true that things have really changed with technology taking over every aspect of life, making it literally impossible for one not to use technological gadgets like phones, computers, laptops etc.

But the constant use of phones and laptops also pose a risk to humans. The most common danger associated with constantly staring at phone screens is eye strain and macular degeneration. If you are the type of person that's always staring at phone screens, then it might interest you to know that you're slowly damaging your eyes and also increasing your chances of developing nearsightedness. So, in this article, we are going to have a loom at 2 things you should do to protect your eyes from damage or the damaging rays coming from most phone screens and laptops. Just sit tight and learn something new.

1. Wear Sun Glasses; this is one tip you should take seriously if you really care about protecting your eyes from the blue light that comes out of most phone screens. The eyes are precious and should be treated as such, for you to protect your eyes from the light that's capable of damaging it, simply purchase tech glasses or even sun glasses. They go a long way in blocking the blue light that comes from the screens from hitting the eyes directly. If you know you spend hours staring at phone screens or laptops, do well to purchase glasses, they cost little to nothing but play a huge role in saving your vision.

2. Blink More Often; this is another simple way of protecting your eyes from the damaging blue light that comes from the phone screens and computer. This is because many people blink less often while using their phones which can eventually lead to dry eyes but if you always blink, you will provide your eyes with the needed fluid to remain refreshed and healthy enough.

3. Take Eye Breaks; this is another simple way of Protecting the eyes. This is often referred to as the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20minutes, ensure you look away from your phone screen or monitor and look at something 20 feet away for atleast 20 seconds. This is to give your eyes the needed breaks that's not only necessary for good eye health but also very necessary to prevent developing serious eye issues from excessive staring at a digital screen.

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