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Things you should know about iPhone 13

With the release of iPhone 12 last year, Apple plans on releasing iPhone 13 this year. The iPhone 13 is several months away and there are lot of rumors going on about what Apple has planned for the new model. The rumors maybe or may not be true.

Today I want to tell you everything I know so far about the iPhone 13.

• Phone's name

This year's iPhone will be getting 4 models just like the iPhone 12. And the device will be called iPhone 13

• Design

A lot of leaks and report pointed out that the iPhone 13 will come with a smaller display notch, making it different from other generations of the iPhone with a bulky notch.

To achieve this, Apple might have to combine the separated infrared flood illuminator, sensor and dot projector that makes up the face id unlocking system for the recent iPhones, into a 3 in 1 module.

A report from Digitimes says that the size of the VCSEL micro chips used in the face scanner will be reduced by 40 to 50 percent. Therefore, meaning a smaller notch for the iPhone 13. Below is a leaked image of the iPhone 13 screen protector which confirms the change.

According to an iPhone 13 pro dummy unit, this year's phone will be thicker than the iPhone 12 pro. The picture below shows what a finished iPhone 13 might look like.

• Display

Ice Universe is a leaker who said the iPhone 13 pro max will have a 120hz refresh rate, improving the graphics of games and improving video playback. Another leaker added that Samsung display will make an LTPO panel for the iPhone 13. He also said that Apple is being supplied with circuit boards to connect to the phone's motherboard. An LTPO display enables the phone to have a super smooth refresh rate and also keep the frame of the iPhone 13 neat. Another benefit is reduction of power consumption.

• Specs

iPhone 13 is likely to come with a chip upgrade, in form of the A15 Bionic.

The iPhone 13 storage capacity will range from 64gb to 512gb, though a new report claims the iPhone 13 will storage will get up to 1tb. That will give it the biggest storage any iPhone has ever had.

The iPhone 13 is to come with Wi-Fi 6E, a Wi-Fi 6 variation that will support fast wireless speed.

5g connectivity.

• Camera

The iPhone 13 pro and pro max will offer a 6-element ultrawide lens including autofocus capability. This will improve the quality of images. The iPhone 13 has bigger lenses, letting in more light to improve photos in low light areas. See image below.

Analyst Ross Young predicted that the iPhone 13 will come with bigger sensors.

Bigger sensors means bigger pixels for high light intake, which will give better quality photos.

All models of the iPhone 13 will gain sensor-shift stabilization, this feature is currently only available in the iPhone 12 pro max.

The iPhone 13 is getting camera upgrades that will allow it to better shoot the night sky, deliver potriat videos and astrophotography mode.

• Software

Apple announced iOS 15 which brings many new features and will launch later this year alongside the iPhone 13. These includes SharePlay for listening and watching together, notifications improvements and FaceTime upgrades.

All models will be getting larger batteries. The biggest is going to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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