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Whatsapp Tips And Tricks You Probably Didn't Know Exists

Recently, there has been some discussion about Facebook changing its name to 'MetaVerse'. In short, what this means is that there is going to be some major adjustment from what we used to know as Facebook to probably something greater. And guess what? WhatsApp is not left out; there have also been some changes recently in the new WhatsApp update. In this article, I will bring to your awareness some WhatsApp features you probably don't know anything about now. But before then, make sure you update your WhatsApp to the latest version. Having said that, let's dive right in.

Animated Stickers

This feature is for sticker lovers as we have some people who feel their chat(s) is or are not complete without the inclusion of a sticker. But from what we used to know, the previous versions of WhatsApp have these boring stickers which I know most WhatsApp users don't use. You see my friends, things don't have to go that way again. You can now have access to a whole lot of new stickers and not just mere stickers but animated ones. Should in case you don't know how to navigate your way to using those awesome stickers, you can follow these steps: By now I believe that most users know where stickers can be found on WhatsApp, so now to get the animated stickers, all you need do is get your eyes peeled for a plus symbol and just after you press the plus icon, you'll see your animated stickers waiting for you.

Fast Track Voice notes

Another amazing feature is the fact that you can spend less time listening to lengthy voice notes. This feature allows all voice messages to be read two times the original speed. Believe me, this could come in handy when you have a long, slow and boring voice note to listen to. If you are ignorant of the use of this feature, you can just click the '1x' or '2x' button you see on whatever voice note you're listening to.

Send A Photo Once

To be frank, I consider this feature cool, amazing but less important. All this feature does is allow your recipient to receive and view once whatever photo you send to them. This means after they view the photo once, they cannot view it again but mind you, your recipient can take a screenshot of such photo(s). To activate this feature: go to your recipient chat, click the attachment icon, click on gallery and select whatever photos you want to send, click the mark button at the top right corner of the screen, just in the 'type in your message' section you'll see an encircled number one(1), click on it and send the photo(s).

I'm pretty sure there are still other incredible features left undiscovered, in case you happen to have discovered some, please drop them in the comment section and, you can also let me know what you think about the above features. Thank you for sticking around till the end.

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