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(Infinix, Tecno, etc) If You want these phones to last longer, don't do these 10 things with it

Technology have so developed over the years, and a whole lot of new inventions have been witnessed over the years. We all would agree that phones are one of the most important invention of all time. This is because of some reasons, one of them being that it aids communication greatly. In the olden days, you have to write letters and hand it to a traveler who would go and deliver it to someone else who lives far from you, and it usually takes days or even months for the person to get the message. But now, you can sit comfortably in your room with your phone and talk to a friend or someone.

This is only one of its importance, you can also use it to market your business online and with your phone you can stay updated with news all over the world. But, many people who have these phones do not really know how to maintain it and most times it could causes their phone to malfunction and eventually spoil completely, which you would agree is painful, especially when you bought it for a lot of money. So I am writing this article to show you 10 things you should not do with your phone to make it last longer.

1. Leaving the phone charging all night ; Charging the phone through the night,might actually be a good way for many people to charge up their phones fully for the next day. But, it is also very dangerous to your phone's health and can weaken your phone's battery as times go on and can cause heating problems. Instead of leaving it charging all night,you can turn on airplane mode because this saves battery too.

2. Leaving your phone's screen unprotected ; Don't do that, get a screen guard so that even if the phone mistakenly falls down,it can still be salvaged and you won't have to spend money on a new screen.

3. Ignoring Software and app updates ; These updates are there to help fix some loopholes,and improve the efficiency of your phones. So, when you receive a notification to update an app or your phone's software,do it immediately so hackers will not take advantage of it and it can also make your phone to lag in some operations.

4. Exposing it to too much heat and cold ; A phone has a particular amount of temperature it can withstand, anything more than that makes it dangerous for the phone.

5. Downloading apps from unverified websites ; This is one of the easiest ways to expose your phones to virus and malwares. Download only from verified sources like Google Playstore.There are others like APKMirror, APKPure, APK4Fun, APKAndroid, BlackMartAlpha e.t.c. You can research further for more verified websites.

6. Mismanagement of your Storage ; it causes your phone to lag,so use your storage capacity judiciously and delete every unnecessary apps including photos that got saved automatically.

7. Charging your phone with fake or unbranded chargers; Apart from delaying your phone's charging, they other disadvantages including risk of blowing up.

8. Charging or putting or inserting an earpiece when your phone is wet ; Electrocution is just one of the risk you stand.

9. Leaving your phone to charge with the case on; if you leave this, it could cause your phone to overheat which is dangerous to your phone.

10. Leave your phone without a security password ; Don't do that, add a security password, it is very easy to do, it's good so that even if your phone gets lost,it can not be accessed easily.

Also; Do not clean your phone with liquids unless it's waterproof because some parts of your phones do not need water.

Okay, there you have it. Click that follow button if you found this useful so that you can get other great articles like this.

Content created and supplied by: HollisticHealth (via Opera News )


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