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Two steps to be taken in accumulating financial success around your environment.

The yawning and desire of everybody on earth, is to be successful, most especially in the financial aspect. But it is really quite appalling that most young men end up going the extra mile to become successful by venturing into diverse of unjust and ungodly means in order to accumulate wealth.

It is funny that some of these people were misled into soiling their hands into evil by the same friends that are behind their financial problems. But the truth is that there is no true success outside God.

Here are two steps to take to provoking financial success in your environment:

1. Discover the spirit in charge of the territory:

Every environment or business area has a spirit in charge of the affairs, well-being or detriments of people that lives or trade around the territory. This spirit might have been invoked by one person as to affect others negatively, in order to dominate the business and financial outcomes of the territory. Therefore anyone who wishes to attain to financial success must first discover and identify with the spirit controlling the dealings of the environment through praying and fasting. Jabez discovered that the spirit behind his financial woes before declaring his freedom.

2. Refuse to be a captive to the spirit in charge of the environment:

This is a very crucial step to take because it marks freedom from the financial bankruptcy. Being free from this spirit is to totally reject it's activities, which are visibly seen in playing drafts, whot or discussing irrelevant issues while at your business place because nothing is happening. That spirit brings up these irrelevant activities almost everyday to take people's mind off from desiring to amass wealth. But refuse to be among traders that partake in such act by declaring every morning, that you're there to make money and not to play because simply business is dull.

These steps require steady prayers and fasting until something happens.

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