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Why people will never make money even when they get opportunities

We all should know that money isn't a thing you pray or wish for and the next moment you get it, you have to understand that there is no luck in getting rich without strategy and risk. People keep saying how much they've worked and how they have only been trying to survive, if getting rich is by how you work, then of course labourers will be one of the richest in the world.

You have to strategically think and work to make money, while some people are moving under the heat of the sun to make money, some seat in the comfort of their homes and make over ten times what day make a month in a day, the reason being that instead of working for money, why not let your money work for you, imagine some people still think crypto is a scan, even FOREX!!!, Like how are we going to move forward if we don't make risks, how would we get more money if you don't invest the one you have. I don't know who I'm getting to with this but at least try and invest that little you have (into fruitful things) and see where you would be in the next 2 years.

One thing you should know is that money itself is a mechanism, it's money that finds money, once you've made a substantial amount of money, you don't just blow it thinking you have arrived, it's that money that will act as a mechanism to draw more money to you, even the Bible says "WORK ANDPRAY" that work doesn't mean work till you die, it means work smartly and take risks, cause I you only have to work then you don't have to pray.

But then you all should note that you don't over take risk, it's called risk cause you can also loose the money, so don't over commit your money to taken risk.

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