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Check Out The original Copy Of Milk Maids At the back of the 10Naira Note

Currency according to the dictionary definition is a specific kind of money that a country uses. It can either be coins, treasury notes or banks that is in circulation as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

Every country in the world has its own currency with is widely recognized in that particular country, and while the material for making currencies is usually paper or metal in most cases. It usually has pictures of people, or things of specific importance imprinted on the pages of those currencies.

Our country Nigeria also has its own kind of currency which is the Naira and kobo, and it begins from the lowest denomination which is 5 Naira to the highest denomination which is 1000 Naira.

Most Nigerians are already familiar with the 10 Naira note, so In this article I'm going to showing you a photo of an original copy of the 10 Naira Note. See picture below.

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