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Four Ways The Rich Invest To Increase Their Asset

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Where the rich focus their attention towards attracts wealth to them because it determines the direction of their lives. They focus more on creating wealth by expanding their asset. These are four things that captures the attention of the rich.


The rich focus on creating additional streams of income by spending time looking into avenues that can generate cashflow for them. They research and create teams that help them study different asset class they can invest their money to generate more cashflow for them to furnish their lifestyle.

Mukesh Ambani was formerly the second richest man in Asia till he created a new company, Mark Zuckerberg invested into the company and it's share price jumped higher. Currently, Ambani's is the richest man in Asia.


The rich focus more on investing a certain percentage of their money when they get paid from their investment and business. They pick an investment or business of their choice because they believe the higher the risk, the higher the returns. The rich are high-risk-takers, they pick the best asset to minimize and control losses.


The rich borrow money from the bank to buy into asset class of their choice. The rich prefer to LEVERAGE that is they borrow money or use their asset to take debt within certain time frame to pay back. The rich take good debt while the poor take bad debt. GOOD DEBT is a debt you collect to make more money and payback within certain period.

For example, a businessman asset was seized worth N600milllion naira because he leveraged on using his asset to take debt and invest into a business but struggled to payback. Currently, a Nigerian billionaire just paid up the debt he borrowed to invest in a business that profits him.


The rich focus on asset that can grow their money with considerable returns. They focus on asset that has the potential and capacity to grow in the long term. The asset will also appreciate and preserve its initial invested capital.


There are lot of things that the rich invest their focus into but what captures their main attention is to grow their wealth, preserve their wealth and transfer it to the next generation.

Image Credit: Google

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