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Two Reasons Why Dangote File A Petition Against Rabiu

Business is one of the major thing that keeps the world revolving and moving. Without business, there wouldn't have been buying and selling, transportation of goods from place to place, and import and export of goods. In fact the world would have been a bored place. In Nigeria today, two business icons that have taken over the business industries have suddenly clashed. The clash is between the richest man in Africa Dangote, the CEO of Dangote group and Abdulsamad Rabiu the owner of BUA sugar refinery. Why are they at loggerheads? From the Sahara Report, It was said that Dangote filed a petition to the government that Abdulsamad Rabiu refinery should be shut down. This is really not friendly indeed. But why? According to the news, Dangote accused BUA’s refinery in Bundu Free Trade Zone, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, of working against the national sugar master plan (NSMP). Well this is one of the issues that happens in business where certain people tends to intimidate others just because they are stronger than them. Am really not comfortable with such act; and i feel there is something Dangote is trying to achieve about this. There is a popular saying that a toad does not come out in the day time for nothing. Dangote I feel is up to something. so, below are my two reasons why Dangote wants Rabiu's refinery to be shut down.

1 Competition and overthrownment

One of the factor that hinders small scale business from growing is the in ability financially to compete with the large scale business industries. And this competition is beginning to knock at the business door of Aliko Dangote. I believe in business, your ability to survive the other business group or company is to make you market unique exceptional in quality, service and price. So, Dangote feels that Rabiu is developing stands that if he doesn't halt it now, it will stand a chance of overshadowing his market in the sugar industry. From the look of things, he is afraid of competition and maybe overthrownment from BUA group. Rabiu is a threat to his market, so the only way to halt him is to accuse him of undermining the National Sugar Master Plan, so a disciplinary action will be taken on him. Will he definitely succeed?

2 Monopolization

In business, when you are the only one selling a particular product, no matter how you treat people, they have nothing to say or do because they have no other place to buy that product from. so, they keep patronizing your product. But if on the other hand, there is a competitor, you tend to ensure you don't loose your customers by treating them well. Therefore, Dangote indeed wants a situation where he will monopolize the sugar industry. He wants where there will be no competition with him in any product he is selling. This is indeed ridiculous because the consumers will be the ones to take the pain. If this should happen, then we are going to be in for it.

Am really not in the business area but i felt this is absurd. so I decided to share my own little opinion about why I felt he did that. What do you think about my view? Do you agree with me concerning what Dangote did? Or you have your own opinion? Please kindly comment lets hear your own view.

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