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Seven Ways To Increase Your Customer Base As A Business Person.

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As a business person, one of your objectives should be to increase your customer base. When you increase the number of customers, you realize there will be a huge demand for your product or services and it will surely grow your profits and expand your business empire. These are the seven ways to increase your customer base.


You need to push calls to your customers and relate with them. Get their feedback on your product or service and what to do to improve them. Making the calls is also relating and building bonds with the customers to refer your product or service to their friends, families and neighbours. It's also asking for their opinions, how to improve the products, follow the business page, fill your online surveys, follow newsletter and many more.


Recommendations of your product or service from others shows a level of trust from the network you have. If the numbers on your phone contacts become your customers then there's the possibility of an increase in customers and growth in your business. When your business is based on trust and openness, it allows your network to increase your customer base. If you connect with new people in different places that can link you up with people in need of your product or service, a new customer base is open to you.


Your network and customers can link you up with other businesses that can offer great opportunities for your product or service. If you link up with other business people who share business ideas, it will surely link you up to a new customer base. It’s about looking around and be open to opportunities. This partnership can link you up to locations in need of your product or service.


Social media has entirely transformed the way customers and businesses can share information and have conversations with each other. Through using search engines like google and others, it gives quick access once there's a quick search for the product or service. Make sure you keep your website updated with fresh content so your customers come back often for more. Social media gives you insight into your customers and how to communicate with them effectively to draw them closer and increase your base.


To keep and increase your customers, you need excellent customer service. Research shows that 60%-70% of people have walked away from a product or service to another as a result of poor customer service. Getting it right and making the customer feel comfortable will have a positive impact on your customer base and it will encourage them to introduce more customers to you. Take time to attend to your customer service, respond to their complaints and monitor them on social media and get back to them promptly. Through your customer service, your base needs will grow. One of the things that grew big bank names in Nigeria like Zenith bank, Access bank and others is their prompt reply to their customer's complaints.


Raising your standards in your community like perform charity works, events and organisations. If you sponsor little events in your environment, it will create more awareness for your product or services and attract more customers who want to know more about it. The more you invest in little events like this, it increases the value your business and people wants to know more about it and how they can make use of it. The current reality television show in Nigeria is being sponsored by certain companies just to create awareness and increase their customer base.


You need to advertise your business effectively to attract customers to you. In advertising, it helps focus on your target market. Do promotions that will attract and catch their attention, rewarding them with gifts, price discounts, free samples to use and have good knowledge about your product or service.

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Trying out new approaches and innovating new ones can also help increase the customer base of your business and you must be intentional and determined to push till you get results.

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