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Meet This Talented Woman, See What She is Using Pure Water Nylons to Do

Nigeria is a country blessed with people of high mental capacitities, talents and the abilities to think effectively despite most factors not be in favour of many. It is a country where there are diverse people with abilities to survive in any place they find themselves on the earth surface. This is due to different issues and challenges that many people of the country have been able to withstand in the past and the moment. 

This is seen in a woman and an entrepreneur who has been successful in utilizing disposable waste substance and she is able to bring out meaningful products out. Adejoke Lasisi converts waste nylon remaining after drinking the useful water from 'pure water'. Meaning fibre products and materials like shoes, bags, were derived from the waste substances. 

She does well by sterilizing the nylon waste to keep them free from impurities and dirts that they may have sustained when disposed by consumers. 

The fabric materials derived from this innovation by the intellectual women are not different from the common fabric materials that are sold in the textile industry. 

Mrs. Adejoke Lasisi is a potential advantage to the Nigerian textile industry and an important addictive reputation to the image of Nigeria. This is only possible if she is successful through the provision of necessary finances and facilities needed to produce these in large quantities. 

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