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Foreign exchange

The Truth about FOREX Robots (EA). How you can make money with them.

Generally, EA stands for Expert Advisor. EAs are robots as well. They are known as automated trading where everything is set inside the robots. Once you install it on your MT4 or MT5 apps, they trade for you without you being present in the market.

Why most people use robots instead of trading themselves.

One of the reasons many people prefer trading with robots is because robots trade without emotions, they only execute trades base on what they are programmed to do. By so doing, there is no need of trading with fear. Normally, human beings are naturally made to avoid pains and that's why whenever they are left to trade on their own, they tend to make lots of errors due to fear of losing their money. Robots do not have such, they act without bias that's why if you get a good robot, it will help you to maximize profit.

Other side of the story using robots.

Many people think that once they start using robot, they will start making money instantly. This can be very far from the truth if the robot you are using is a bad one. This is why you should be careful while using robot to trade because many of them are very far from what they promised to offer.

How can one really make money using robot?

You must first of all backtest the robot using paper money which is Demo account, once you are done testing the robot on Demo account, you can now decide to put in real money. This is very important because it will help you to know the performance of the robot before you can take next decision. This is the safe way to do it.

Finally opinion

You should be careful when using robot. Good robots can make money for you.

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