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Video: Reactions As Nigerian Man Reveals How To Grow Yam In Sacks And Harvest Within 4 Months

This article featured a Nigerian man who displayed to the world how possible it is to grow yam at home in sacks and harvest within four months. But his revelation simply spark mixed reactions from many people.

In a recent video shared on social media, one Rev. Dr. Akintunde Abraham was being interviewed by a certain comrade engineer Adewale Afolabi, with regards to his experiment of growing yam within 4 months.

In the video, the interviewer asked the doctor how the whole process works. He simply started by showing us some of the yams already planted in his home in sacks. Some of them were 3 weeks old while some were up to a month old and they're really growing very fast.

The doctor mentioned that when he heard people saying that yam takes up to 7 months to 9 months before the are ready to be harvested, he just laugh. Because he did the practical and it only took him 4 months to grow a very big yam.

According to him, all you need to do is to get a sack and fill it halfway with loamy soil, then put your yam seedling and fill the sack with loamy soil to cover them.

After that, apply to 2-4 litres of water every 4 days and allow the yam to grow. When they finally shootout many leaves, the next step is to sprinkled diluted organic manure on the leaves. He claimed that it will help the leaves to nourish. That's all, continue putting your water and harvest in 4 months.

He called out on Nigerians to stop being dependent and start helping themselves by starting this yam farming at home.

Watch the interview video here.

Mixed reactions emerged from different people who watched the video. Many people doubt that the process will actually work, while others were very much ready to give it a try.

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