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Best Ways To Make Money Online As A Side Income In 2021

Making money in Nigeria either as a side hustle or a full time income is becoming more essential than before. Surprisingly, there are over a hundred ways of making money online whether in Nigeria or the world at large.

The web has become very large and the internet is also not down. Instead of using the internet for chatting only and wasting important time, it is essential we utilise these resources now more than ever.

These are ways of making money online.

1. Online surveys

Online surveys are very good means of spending leisure time online making money answering surveys, questions and so on.

There are different websites and softwares that pays you for answering simple surveys online. Some of them include which is the most common.

2. Create a blog

Creating a blog is not difficult but requires lots of understanding and patience. First of all, note the reason you want to create the blog. Secondly, pick a niche. A niche should be something you are passionate about and something you love. Picking the right niche enables you to talk to your audience from your heart. Growing your blog is also another phase and this is just as important as creating the blog in the first place. A large audience helps you make enough money from the blog.

There are different ways you can monetise a blog, and some of them include, using Google adsense, affiliate marketing, and so on.

3. Forex.

The foreign exchange is the largest market in the world with a market cap of over $5trillion, meaning that the market is huge, and the sweet thing is that anyone can venture into the forex market with as low as $50 with a leverage of up to 1:1000.

There are different sites and softwares that allows you to trade the forex market from anywhere in the world and some of them include, fxtm, hantec connect, octa fx, Hugo, and so on.

4. Stock.

The stock market is also another market that can be invested in from anywhere in the world and is a very lucrative business. Most of the world richest men are investors and have built their portfolio from the stock market.

Most of the questions on people's lips now is the question of what industry should be invested in. The world is going digital and there are different industries that can provide one with a decent side income and they include the tech industry, the electric cars industry including companies like Tesla.

Different sites and softwares offering stock trading services for free include, trading view, finviz, and so on.

5. Freelancing.

Freelancing is just the art of writing articles for someone. Freelancers can get up to $50-$150 per article. Freelancers are hired from softwares and sites like freelancers, Fiverr, upwork, and so on.

A freelancer must be someone who loves the art of writing and must love the niche.

Other ways of making money online as a side hustle include but is not limited to:

A. Influencers earn

B. Cash app

C. Spin to win.

D. Students earn cash.

E. Selling used wares online.

F. Offering teaching services.

These are some other ways to build a side income online. Any omitted one can be mentioned in the comment section below.

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