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15 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Throw Your Eggshells Away

Truly, everything that comes from a chicken is never a waste. From the feathers to the fleshy meat down to the eggshells! Even the chicken's poop is useful!

Here, you'll be getting 30 solid reasons why you should keep that eggshell.

1. Adds Calcium to your Farm or Garden

Eggshells, in form of powder, does a great job when it comes to calcium supplements. It is most effective when you grow tomatoes or peppers. If you have ever heard of 'blossom end rot'?

Then you must know that a dose of calcium can heal your plants from this type of disease. Therefore, sprinkle some eggshell powder around your crop plants that are fighting with calcium deficiency, and let the magic eggshell do the rest.

2. You Can Eat Them

We can all eat the egg right? But do you know that the eggshells are edible too? Of course, they are! By baking the eggshells and grinding them, you can create fine eggshell powder.

When your powder is ready, toss the powder into any beverage to give yourself a superb calcium boost.

3. Make Compost

Whenever you are thinking of what to do with a biodegradable item like eggshells, you can throw them straight into that trusty compost pile.

So remember, when you have raw eggs, do just that. This is because the eggshells will break down and create a very fine compost for your crop plants to grow in.

4. For Chicken Feeds

Another simple thing you can do with eggshells is to toss them back to your chickens. Chickens will peck at them and love the tasty treat.

Moreover, the eggshells are something more than just a tasty treat. They are infact a wonderful, natural, and inexpensive calcium supplement that is very essential for your chickens to lay healthy eggs.

5. Eliminate Pests

We all have unwanted pests in our garden, the good news is that eggshells are good pest repellants. First you’ll need to mark out where those pests visit the most.

After that's done, sprinkle some broken eggshells in those marked places. Slugs and other soft-shelled pests never like to crawl over sharp shells. So these insects will leave your garden in peace.

6. Put Them in Your Coffee

People who love sweeter tasting coffee, this is for you. Do you know that you can boil eggshells and put them in your coffee. After that, you allow the eggshells to steep to remove some of the bitter flavors.

7. Knife Sharpener

No need to spend cash buying a knife sharpener when you have eggshells. Get your unused eggshells working. They'll need to get hard so put them in the freezer.

When they are frozen solid, pass your knife across them to make a sharper edge. Just make sure that they are frozen very hard.

8. Excellent Pot Scrubbers

When you have unused eggshells around, there's no need for abrasive pot scrubbers.

All you need to do is to put those eggshells in the pot with warm water and some soap. The eggshells will break up and therefore become abrasive to eliminate dirt.

9. Use the Membrane

When you crack open an egg, you see the membrane still attached to the eggshell. Reach for this eggshell membrane when you have a cut or open wound.

You place a piece of the eggshell on the cut with the membrane on the cut itself. This will release nutrients to speed up healing for cuts and splinters.

10. Whiter White Clothes

Struggle no more when washing those white clothes. It will interest you to know that eggshells can help with that problem as well.

Put your eggshells in a lingerie bag with a few slices of lemon. Then place them with whites in a wash cycle.

11. Stopping Toothache

Stopping toothache is another good use of eggshells. People use different means to stop toothaches. Some even go the extra mile to seek dental treatment.

You know, eggshells and comfrey root apparently have the same ability to stop toothaches. All you need to do is put together equal parts of each and apply to aching spots on tooth or gum.

12. Works for Skin Irritations

The fact that eggshells can help with minor skin irritations shouldn't surprise you considering the fact that it has tons of vital nutrients.

Anytime you feel a minor irritation, take out that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) that has your eggshell powder put in it. Then use it on your skin to soothe it.

13. For Hunting Bait

If eggshells in form of powder can attract chickens, they should do well to also attract wild birds right?

Fortunately, they do. During duck hunting, take time to lay down some eggshells and watch if it helps attract birds to your hunting area.

14. Garden Fertilizer

Eggshells are wonderful garden fertilizers because of the calcium they give. Eggshells (powder form) can be used on all plant crops, not necessarily on plants that thrive on calcium.

Because eggshells are organic and contain added calcium and nutrients, you might want to make them your number one choice for an all-over garden fertilizer.

15. Pain Reliever

Eggshells can be used as an excellent pain reliever for achy joints and muscles. So there no need to spend money on pills

All you have to do is to allow some eggshells sit in Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) until they dissolve. This takes about 2 days. After that, use the mixture to rub your achy joints and muscles to relieve the pain.

Take advantage of your eggshells now!

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