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Take A Look At 3 Billionaires That Dropped Out Of School

A formal education is important in most cases, but some people did not need to acquire a full education before becoming rich and successful in life. This article is going to talk briefly about five billionaires who dropped out of school, but became rich.

1 Micky Arison: This man is the founder of Miami Heat, which is a which is an American basketball academy, and he is also the chairman of Carnival corporation, which is a company that deals in cruise ships. With all this success, it is easy to assume that Micky Arison might have graduated from a prestigious university, but that is not the case, because he dropped out of the University of Miami. Currently, Micky Arison is worth the whooping sum of $7.9 billion, and this is the net worth of a man who dropped out of school.

2 David Geffen: At the age of seventy seven, David Geffen is worth up to $8 billion, which has been sourced from his shares as a cofounder of Asylum Records, and his ownership of Dreamworks. He is currently one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, but he had to drop out of three colleges, before he finally quit and focused on making money.

3 Michael Dell: This name is one of the biggest in the tech world, and he is known mostly for his laptop which was named after him. While he was in the University of Texas for a short period of time, Michael Dell bid on company jobs, and provided computer upgrade kits which later grew into a booming business. Michael Dell dropped out of school to focus more on his business, and as of now, he is worth over $15 billion.

Even though the life stories of the aforementioned billionaires are inspirational, it would be unwise for anyone to randomly drop out of school in pursuit of greener pastures. Everyone has their path to take in life, and they should follow that path, and not try to imitate others, because it might not work out so well as it did for the billionaires.

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