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Austere economy: How to remain Sane in turbulent times.

There are only two guarantees in this world: you are born, and you die. But what you do with it is left to you.

Often times hardship is a function of the mind, this can be observe in developed and highly evolved societies. But African countries has since refused to look beyond it's nose, as a result, reeks of hardship courtesy years of poor leadership, below average level of followership or pure circumstances.

For centuries, greatly evolved societies like, Japan, Soviet, England, France etc have one notable similarity: they all have stable mindset! No doubt, the world is fraughted with sad tales of economic mishaps, sometimes recovery seem impossible. The way one responds is key to solving whatever challenge it is one is presently facing.

To remain sane in our today world, do the following:

1. Don't think too much

2. Live within your means

3. Plan well, and always

4. Have something doing like business, a job or both.

5. Be nice, diplomatic and non combative

6. If you believe in God, Pray alot!

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