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Her Parents Couldn't Send Her To School Because Of Money But Today She's An Employer Of Labour At 26

There are no barriers for anyone whose mind is made to succeed. No matter the limitations, there must always be a way for a man who has decided to contend with destiny. The story of a 26-year-old South African lady, Njabulo Mbokane, is an inspiring one. Although she did not go to school because her parents could not afford the university bills, she, however, found a way to succeed against all odds.

The journey to success was not an easy one for Mbokane, she sold fish and chips at some point in her life because of the poor status of her family. Notwithstanding, the story is no longer the same today for her, as she now owns two farms for herself and is an employer of labor.

She began her farming venture when she opted to restore the almost-dying vegetable garden of a school in her neighborhood. Surprisingly, she took it upon herself to cover the operational cost of the whole process. This was done in a bid to gather experience.

She also failed at some point, after she leased 5 acres of land to grow soya beans only for it to fail. She eventually succeeded when she partnered with a commercial farmer who provided her with the machinery she would need. As a consequence, she got 37 acres of land for more farming.

Today, Mbokane is a major supplier of Yellow Maize with the South African Brewery (SAB) and has enlarged her tentacles of farming into branches: Poultry and livestock.


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