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Poverty: Why Northern Leaders Should Be Blame For Terrible Statistics

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It is no longer News that Nigeria is classified as poverty capital of the world.

Nigeria has maintained the infamous position as the poverty capital of the world, with 86.9 people in Africa's most populous country currently living below the poverty line.

The North account for over 50% of this people.

The report had then stated that the number of Nigerians in extreme poverty increases by six people every minute.

Nigeria, with its 200 million plus population, was first declared world’s poverty capital in 2018 in a report by the Brooklyn Institution, knocking off India from the position.

A close look at the report shows it is not far from truth as the Northern part of Nigeria is seriously facing severe poverty though not captured on pages of Newspapers.

Professor Attahiru Jega openly lampooned the Northern Leaders for their selfish ambition towards the region.

One of the many of his talks that got my attention was the way he lampooned the Northern Elites for their blatant refusal to develop the region despite having the chances of doing so.

In this article I will list few reasons why they recklessly abandoned the region to her fate.


A selfish person is always a greedy person. He is more concerned about himself and family.

The Northern Leaders choose to take the part of selfishness because they knew very well that an educated person can't be fool around when he has power attached to it his certificate.

Jega recently stated that it is worrisome that “terrible statistics” regarding poverty, unemployment and insecurity always emanate from the northern part of the country.

The leaders from the region despite the chances of making the region a better and safer place to be, selfishly impoverished the teaming Youths in other to use them during elections and other aim best known to them. Reasons they said politics is a game of numbers.

They gave them a shoe polishing kits which ordinarily can't be giving to their children.

They indoctrinates them even to the point of telling them it is not necessary to train a girl child as she has no meaningful benefits while their children are in Foreign countries studying to come back home to continue their oppression.

To them women are meant for domestic affairs and procreation.

The Almajiri system is another evil done by this elites. A child of such could be use for any form of evil knowing that he or she can get N100 at the end of the assignment.

Poor Leadership

Leadership is another thing they lack. The believe that power is all they need. The quality of Leaders we got from the region in recent time is nothing but failure.

It is said that "a Man who is leading and no one is following is taking a walk." The kinds of Leaders from the region is not leading but rulings.

A Leader must have a listening ears. He put his ears on ground and not listening to praise singers but that is what the leaders from the region want. They gather praise singers everywhere calling them 'Alaikadede' but they don't build any of them to succeed them in developing the region and Nigeria at large.

The lack focus. They actually don't know what to do with power when it present itself. They make policies which is not obtainable in the 21st century.

A powerful Man protect his community from intruder. To them power is to oppresses other regions.

When a Man has no vision, his constituencies will always live in abject poverty.

The Northern youths can surmount this evil by developing themselves through active participation in politics in order to prevent vandals from destroying the economy.

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