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Could Nigeria one day become a world power just as America?

The possibility of Nigeria becoming a world power is indeed high and I can even place a bet on the country becoming one of the world powers just as countries in Europe are recognized as world powers. Nigeria has everything that requires a country to become a world power ranging from both natural resources to intelligent people.

All Nigeria needs to do is to manage it's resources well and invest more in innovations. Innovative ideas is what keeps a country going. Nigeria is gifted with highly intelligent people but the Government does not really value their knowledge. We have what it takes to become great, to be recognized as a super power and to not be dependent on any country for finance.

The oil in the country is enough to take us high only if we use it well, when ever we sell oil, we must make sure that the money is used for development and that the country is built on a better foundation. The people of Western Nigeria who are Yorubas are good in terms of knowledge and school. They are the leading language in Nigeria when ever it comes to secondary or tetiary education. They read so wide that their knowledge is vast. The Igbos of Eastern Nigeria are good in technology and business. The business they do is enough to drive the country to a better height and if they concentrate more in their innovative ideas, they will take this nation to a better level. The people of Northern Nigeria who are the Hausa/Fulanis are good in agriculture, they have vast land and if they invest more, this country would be removed from extreme poverty.

If all these issues are treated well, Nigeria would eventually in the future become a world power.

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